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touch dimmer switch with glass Livolo – Italian standard VL-C301D has a contemporary design and fits inside any modern or traditional homes. Livolo switches use a touch sensor with 100ms response time, similar to the technology used in smartphones. The switch panel glass is safety glass, fire resistant. The red / blue indicate their status on / off switch and can be easily found in the dark. Italian standard circuit breakers are consistent with doses in three modules modular distance between the screws of 85mm. Glass dimmer switches LIVOLO touch (touch) on / off – LED blue – when the switch is off and red – when the switch is on, easy to use in the dark, scratch-resistant, moisture will always look flawless. Suitable for home, offices, restaurants, conference rooms, luxury hotels. Mounted in the modular dose for 3 modules, with each product included in the box screws, bolts distance of 85mm. With this model switch can change the room lighting.
Brand: Livolo
Panel Material: Tempered Glass Crystal
Size: 119mm * 78mm * 40mm
Maximum voltage: 250 V
Maximum current: 5 A
Power consumption: less than 0.1mW
Type: dimmer switch with glass touch Livolo – Italian standard
Certification: CE, RoHS

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