Useful applications and DVR connection to the internet

ROVISION CONNECT application for DVR RO7104, NVR from Kit ROVNK42E0H





Used to see live cameras for the following products:

Pentovrid DVR 4 channel Rovision, 1080N H.265 + RO7104

Complete surveillance system 4 IP cameras POE 2MP FULL HD IR 30m, NVR 4 channels POE, HDD 1TB WD Ready installed, accessories, Plug and play ROVNK42E0H

XMEYE application for DVR ROVISON ROV504, ROV508

For the android / ios mobile application visit from the XMEYE mobile phone and press the download button or directly from the application store:

Cover illustration           


For the desktop version, visit the website   , and after creating the account and registering the device, you can view the installed cameras directly from the browser.

DMSS application for ROVISION ROV1B04H-I, ROV1B08H-I, ROV1B16-I DVR

Network settings for DVR ROVISION ROV1B04H-I, ROV1B08H-I, ROV1B16-I

PC Software – Dahua Technology



DMSS application for DVR / NVR DAHUA

Cover illustration           


PC Software – HikVision

Hikvision iVMS-4200 v2.7.2.4 (Windows) (English) (NEW!)

Hikvision iVMS-4200 V1.02.05.02 For Mac (NEW!)

HikVision DVR / NVR application (Hik-Connect – for End user)