Professional surveillance system 4 rooms Rovision 2MP IP POE, POE NVR Dahua 4 channel, full accessories


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The system contains:
– 4x PoE IP Rovision external supervision, 2MP, 2.8mm lens, IR 30m, ROV1230S-S4
– NVR Dahua NVR2104HS-P-4KS2. 4 channels. Max. 8MP. H.265. 4 PoE
– FTP CAT6 cable shielded 24AWG solid copper roll 0.5mm 100m
– RJ45 jacks 8
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PoE IP 1.Camera Rovision external supervision, 2MP, 2.8mm lens, IR 30m, ROV1230S-S4
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IP Surveillance Camera Outdoor bullet Rovision is the perfect choice for easy capture images of a higher quality. This room has a 2 Megapixel video resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels – FULL HD) recordings were made from high quality due CMOS sensor 1 / 2.7 inch. 2.8 mm fixed lens allows a wide viewing angle of 125 ° (diagonal) – 57 ° (Checker) – 105 ° (horizontal).
ROV1230S-S4 is equipped with IR LED performance that allows you to view images at night up to a maximum distance of 30 m. Smart IR technology that ensures uniform brightness in way B / W (black / white) in low light conditions. This function Smart IR from Dahua adjusts intensity IR LED camera to compensate for the distance of an object and prevents overexposure when the subject is moving toward camera. Among the special features of the camera Listed BLC, HLC, DWDR, AGC, 3D DNR.
BLC (Back Light Compensation) correction and image optimization help from underexposure / high light. This function splits the recording into two different regions, using a different exposure for each region. This corrects brightness regions recording an extremely high or extremely low, making uniform object image focused.
HLC (Highlight Compensation) created is a function of the need to reduce the intensity of the dazzling light that room can be subject (lights, reflectors, etc.).
camera has IP67 protect against external factors (rain, dust, etc.). The operating temperature of the room starts at -40 ° C and can reach up to + 60 ° C, with a metal + plastic casing.

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2.NVR Dahua NVR2104HS-P-4KS2. 4 channels. Max. 8MP. H.265. 4 PoE
4 channel NVR, 4K UHD, 80Mbps, Dahua NVR2104HS-P-4KS2 , records a camera 8 MP @ 30 FPS (frame per second) or all four rooms 1080p at 30 fps. It comes with 4 PoE ports to make installation as easy as possible.
NVR Dahua NVR2104HS-P-4KS2 provides a recording 4K resolution (8 megapixels) on all four channels. Same incredible resolution can be played on a TV of the same resolution, HDMI port with 4K resolution. Besides HDMI port, NVR offers a VGA port for connecting a second monitor with Full HD 1080p playback resolution. Thus, you can monitor the area supervised by two monitors, enabling this important operation, especially if the system is installed in heavily trafficked places such as parking lots, airports, railway stations, public and private institutions, etc.
Bandwidth 80 MBPS
NVR supports cameras up to 8 megapixels and has a wide band input yes 80 MBPS, this means that you can install 4 rooms 4K * 8megapixel and they will be recorded at a rate between 10-15 frames per second.
User friendly, easy to follow on the Internet
NVR is configured easily using an intuitive menu that is specially produced by Dahua. You can view the internet easily with applications gDMSS / iDMSS smartphone or CMS software for PC or MAC – SMART PSS .
For easy access to recordings Smart Search provides intelligent search, synchronous playback of all channels and search by date / time and type of event. Supports up to 128 remote users.
Such a high resolution video files means a slightly larger size so that they can be connected NVR and a hard drive with storage capacity up to 6 TB (not included). Furthermore, another option to store recorded images can be coupling an external hard drive, for example, by one of the two USB ports (2 x 2.0) that has the NVR.

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FTP CAT6 cable shielded 24AWG solid copper roll 0.5mm 100m
FTP CAT6 cable shielded 0.5mm

4X2X0.5 mm Solid Al foil shielded,
Cover black PE 0.92 mm
UV protection + PET + 2.6mm PVC jacketed
roller 100 F
Color Black
ISO / IEC11801 EN50173, CE & amp; Compliance FLUKE TEST PASS

Advantages PoE
Power over Ethernet allows the installation of remote or outside sources without the need to connect to an AC source. This allows the power supply to several areas without having to install additional electrical infrastructure or keeping power outlets. Equipment can be installed without the need for an electrician and Since we Ethernet cable costs less and is often already installed in buildings, PoE-based systems are more cost effective and efficient.
Benefits of PoE
PoE benefit organizations through 5 main ways: reducing costs, safe installation, implementation receptive capabilities of data collection and improving productivity. End users can connect PoE devices or Existing networks can easily start from scratch. Explanations of the methods listed above, you will find in the article.
1. Why PoE reduces installation costs?
PoE cable installation costs are much lower than the traditional installation costs and operating taxes as small. Such cable provides both data and power to devices.
2. Why is safer PoE installation?
PoE voltages type 3 cable is less than 60, and the type of cables 4, more than 90 volts. Unnecessary pipe or metal plates. Fewer installation steps, fewer hazards and the use of direct or CAT6 CAT5 cable eliminates the need for a licensed electrician.
3. Why are more receptive PoE implementations?
PoE devices adapt to the changing environment. They can be easily moved and reconnected to the switch and integrated easily in constantly changing network configurations. PoE is “plug and play”. There is a whole network needs to be stopped to add or remove some devices.
4. What are the capabilities to collect data?
PoE technology is perfect for data collection. For example, analysis software can help facilities determine when an area is occupied and when it is possible to stop the components of LED lighting and the HVAC. Costs can be much lower consumption based on actual usage of these utilities.
PoE technology is based on IEEE standards 802,3af and 802,3at established by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and they govern how network equipment should work to promote interoperability between devices.

Video surveillance system with IP technology POE 4 rooms, 4-channel NVR with 4 outputs Poe, easy to install and configure. HDD is optional.

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