Pentabrid DVR 16 channel H.265 Full HD video compression, Dahua XVR5116HS-X HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS + 8 IP channels up to 6MP


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Full HD DVR Dahua 16 channels Pentabrid XVR5116HS-X
DVR 16 channels Pentabrid Full HD H.265 video compression
DVR Dahua XVR5116HS-X has 16 channels that records in Full HD. This model DVR supports cameras on all technologies, both analogue and IP. Thus, it supports 16 analog cameras with maximum resolution of 4MP + 8 IP cameras with maximum resolution of 6MP. Finally, with this you can get a DVR surveillance system with 24 cameras.
This DVR can store the records on a hard disk with a capacity of up to 8 TB (not included). DVR is equipped with two USB ports, which can switch to other media or for making back-up (eg external hard disk).
Another important feature of this DVR is built-in fan that turns on and off automatically, depending on the temperature of the DVR unit. This fan does not allow the DVR to overheat, which adversely affect the proper functioning of the supervisory system.
In addition, the DVR has 1 analog audio input + 16 audio inputs by HDCVI the same cable. This feature allows you to get audio through the same cable you use the camera HDCVI with microphone.
With this DVR you can get large transmission distances, cable UTP or coaxial: 700m to 4K resolution / 4M 800m to 1200m for resolution 1080p and 720p.
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Video compression H.265 and H.265 +
The novelty of this new series of DVRs Dahua H.265 is the video compression that result in better video image processing and a smaller storage space which they will occupy on your hard disk The producers Dahua support the new compression will help you get up to 90% more storage space with this new video compression standard.
Remote Viewing images
Dahua offers the possibility to view live or recorded images even if you are in DVR location. All you have to do is to install software on your computer or mobile application and internet connection. Then, whenever you want it or wherever you are you can access these images and you can check what happens in supervised location.

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