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Discover the world Nanoleaf with this complete package. The package contains nine panels RGB sensor and intelligent remote audio Rhythm Nanoleaf. Kit connects easily to WiFi home network and using mobile applications available on both Android and iOS you can control them easily. You can control your smart kit Nanoleaf Aurora, so the remote control and the mobile application. The package consists of nine panels smart set Nanoleaf Aurora RGBW LED 16.7M colors, music and intelligent remote sensor, they will transform your home atmosphere in a really original. Use Nanoleaf intelligent remote control to change scenes depending on your mood and the sensor Nanoleaf Rhythm gives life to every song with a unique play of light. Nanoleaf kit connects to the WiFi router and does not need another hub is compatible with iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa Apple Homekit.
Nanoleaf panels Dimensions: 7.8cm x 7.8cm x 0.7cm
Weight: 40g
Actual color temperature (K): 3000
Average life: 25,000 hours
LED indication Type: For use in the house
Color temperature: Brilliant White
Recommended for indoor
Bulb features: dimmable lamps, smart
Light color: Other colors
Bulb technology: LED
Brightness: 100
Number of panels included: 9
Way power: By connecting to the power supply
Requires hub / universal remote: No
Protocol connection: Wi-fi
It requires hub for voice control
Works with: Alexa, HomeKit Apple, Google, Siri Proprietary Remote App Nanoleaf Dimensions: 76 x 88 x 88 mm
Weight: 100g
Power supply: 2 AA batteries
Compatible with iOS and Android 6 or newer or newest
Works with: Alexa, HomeKit Apple, Google, Siri Proprietary Nanoleaf Remote App was built to simplify your experience with smart boards Nanoleaf. Using Bluetooth, remote control can Nanoleaf smart panels.
Each part of the 12 can be programmed easily via the Nanoleaf. You can do anything, you can close Nanoleaf panels or change the party scene or relaxing. Nanoleaf intelligent control panels intensity rotating in clockwise and vice versa.

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