DW1 door or window sensor, RF 433 compatible RF Bridge Sonoff


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DW1 door or window sensor, RF 433 RF compatible with Sonoff Bridge
Sensor Door / Window DW1 run on battery. Expand capacity by monitoring sensor system opening doors and windows.
It is used for automatic control, access control systems and property protection.
Installing Sensor Door / Window will offer safety and comfort. Also eliminates the risk of lifting costs but unnecessary heating or air conditioning.

Battery required: 23A (12V) – Not included in package
Wireless Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Protocol: EV1527
Status = 5μA
emission current: 0mA = 1
Operating Temperature Range: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Product Size: 77 x 49.5 x 18.88 mm
Weight: 45g

DW1 is an alarm sensor for doors and windows. Alarms for doors can work with Sonoff RF Brdge 433 and sensor motion detection Sonoff PIR2. sensor DW1 detects if the door or window is opened and automatically send an alert message through application Ewelinka .

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