4D IP keypad control rooms and NVRs – UNV


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PTZ Controller connectivity IP and RS-485
Allows control NVRs, menu navigation NVR and PTZ UNV
10/100 LAN interface
Connection interface has RS-485 and RS-282
LCD Display
Joystick: 4D.
Model / producer UNV (Uniview)
Compatibility: UNV NVR IP Camera PTZ speed dome control
EtherNet RJ45 10/100 Mbps
USB interface: 1 x USB2.0 interfaces
Joystick: 4D
Power: 12V DC max 5W
Weight: about 1 Kg
Size: 47mm-270mm-440mm
Serial interface: 1 x 2 x RS-232 RS-485
Operating temperature: -10Â ° C ~ + 55A ° C