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temperature detector, radio, compatible PowerGUI, adjustable alarm temperature level (low / high), waterproof external probe (optional) for monitoring the temperature of the refrigerator or outside temperature indicator radio signal quality and battery status, supervision to four minutes. Feeding 3V (CR123A) Battery life 7 years. Compatible only with NEO series.
Model / producer DSC
Type: temperature detector
Compatibility with the power: NEO-NEO-HS2032 HS2016 HS2064 NEO-NEO-HS2128
Input: 3V CR123A Lithium battery 1450mAh
Battery life: 7 years
Frequency: 868MHz
RFI immunity: & gt; 20 V / m 80-2000 MHz
Accuracy: +/- 1.5a ° C
Operating temperature (indoor): -20Â ° C to + 50 Å ° C
External sensor cable length (optional): 3.5 m
External sensor operating temperature: -30Â ° C to + 70 Å ° C
Other: Alarm low temperature / high (adjustable)

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