Video surveillance system 16 Smart IR 80m 2MP cameras, microphone, IP67 full accessories, UPS GIFT


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System contains:
– 16x outdoor surveillance cameras 80m Rovision smart ROV1200TL 2MP IR-A metallized plastic housing IP67 3.6 mm lens microphone DAC technology
– Dvr pentabrid ROV1B16H 5MP Rovision 16 channels H265
– Power supply in metal box with 18 outputs 12V 30A shared
– CAT 5E FTP cable 100% copper supply reel 2 × 1 305m
– interactive UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 360W 650V WELL (GIFT)
– 16x Video Balun Kit interference protection and elective discharges until 8MP
– father feed screw jacks 16x
– Power cable source

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Rovision outdoor surveillance cameras 80m ROV1200TL smart 2MP IR-A metallized plastic housing IP67 3.6 mm lens microphone DAC technology
Rovision outdoor surveillance camera 80m ROV1200TL smart 2MP IR-A metallized plastic housing IP67 3.6 mm lens microphone
DAC technology
Camera FULL HD SMART IR 80M, IP67, Rovision 1200TL-A. 1080p FULL HD offers high resolution and IR module 2 power LEDs. Algorithm intelligent surveillance camera infrared adjusteaza power as needed. Surveillance camera Full HD 1080p HDCVI that can be used easily on the same cabling infrastructure from existing analog cameras. Camera 1080P HDCVI Lite Series has a compact design and offers high quality picture at a friendly price. The camera comes with a built-in microphone so you can hear what’s happening in your area supervised.
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Transmission of video and data signal HDCVI
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Simplicity technology HDCVI help you move from a traditional system with similar monitoring in the digital age. Bidirectional data transmission allows the cameras to interact with models from Dahua or Rovision XVR. Thus you can facteti changes OSD surveillance camera directly from a compatible DVR. HDCVI transmission technology guarantees the possibility of real-time video transmission, long distance without loss. You can place the camera at a distance of 800 meters (* Actual results verified by actual testing lab test Dahua, in optimal conditions).
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Infrared Smart, up to 80 meters
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Surveillance camera comes equipped with 2 LED IR performance. IR SMART technology ensures the uniformity of the brightness of black and white imaginiii in low lighting conditions. This adjusts the intensity of LEDs infrared surveillance camera to compensate for the distance between objects and prevents IR LEDs to overexpose the subject when it is too close to the camera.
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Designed for exterior

Reliability outstanding surveillance camera is unmatched due to its robust design. The camera’s Ste protected against water and dust and has classified IP67, suitable for environments internal or external. With a temperature of working from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C, the camera is designed for extreme temperature environments. Provides a tolerance of ± 30% of the input voltage, so it fits even in unstable power supply.

16-channel Dvr ROV1B16H pentabrid 5 megapixel Rovision H265

Penta flange 16 channels 5M-N / 1080P Digital Video Recorder Cooper 1U
& gt; Video compression H.265 dual-stream
& Gt; Supports video inputs HDCVI / AHD / TVI / CVB
& Gt; Max 24 channels IP camera inputs, each channel up to 6MP; The maximum bandwidth of 96Mbps
& Gt; Long distance transmission over coaxial cable
& Gt; Supports 1 SATA HDD, up to 6 TB
& Gt; Intelligent search and video intelligence
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Smart H.265
Smart Codec, H.265 can reduce up to 90% bit rate and storage requirements compared to H.264 without having to invest in us
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XVR front camera can automatically recognize the signal without any settings. Make friendlier and more convenient operation.
Join HD camera
XVR room HDCVI supports up to 5MP. Audio coaxial / Upgrade / Alarm integrated design can reduce cabling problems making it more cost effective and more convenient to install.
POS Functionality
This function includes overlapping and search for information about tickets POS which can be used widely in retail programs.
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long-distance transmission
HDCVI system supports long distance transmission via coaxial and UTP, max. 700m to 4K / 4MP, 800m and 1200m for 720P to 1080P.
CAT 5E FTP cable 100% copper supply reel 2 × 1 305m

CAT 5E FTP cable 100% copper supply reel 2 × 1 305m
CAT 5E FTP cable 100% copper, with the supply 2 × 1 meter drum 305

CAT5E FTP 4 * 2 * 0.5mm solid copper, dual fuel 2 x 1mm
Drum 305 m PVC jacket UV protection new ANSI / ICEA S-80-576, ANSI / TIA / EIA 568-A 100% copper cable diameter 5.6 m
nominal impedance of 100 Ohm / km
Test voltage max. Voltage 500 V Max. 250 V
Operating Temperature -30 to 60 C attenuation at 100 MHz: 21.98 dB / 100m
loop resistance: 18.6 Ω / 100m UV protection PET jacketed steel wire 1.2 mm 2.6mm PVC,
Color Black ISO / IEC11801 EN50173, CE

fTP cables CAT5E is the most popular option in installing video monitoring systems as they are able to reduce interference in highly effective (many of them support up to 200Mhz, fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connections). Although this type of cable physically no different than its predecessor CAT5, it is an improvement and meet stricter standards regarding interference.
Cat 5E FTP cable is 100% of the copper power and the 2 × 1 mm on the drum comes to 305m. It is a good choice for connecting network devices and IP cameras monitoring the network RJ-45 connectors. It can be used successfully and connecting cameras DVR but using adapters video balun .
This cable is shielded with foil and shows a PE outer sheath black, 0,92mm, being a good choice for outdoor assemblies. Or coating is flexible and resistant to installation. Shows UV protection PET + coating + 2.6mm double. Includes 1.2mm steel wire and PVC casing.
cable diameter is 5,6mm and nominal impedance of 100 Ohm / km. The maximum test voltage is 500V. Attenuation is 100 MHz: 21.98 dB / 100m, while the loop resistance is 18.6 ohms / 100m.
The cable meet the standards ISO / IEC11801 EN50173, CE.
Because of its construction, the cable can operate in temperatures ranging between -30 and +60 degrees Celsius.

Interactive UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 360W 650V WELL
Interactive UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 360W 650V WELL

C.A. normal indicator (green)
Battery Charge Indicator (gold)
reserve indicator (red)
Power on / off
socket outlet
Enter C.A. Safety C.A.
Power: 650 VA / 360W
Input voltage: 230V 50 / 60Hz ± 10

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Power Supply in metal box with 18 outputs 12V 30A shared
Power Supply in metal box with lock 12V 30A 18 outputs shared

Power Supply stabilized switching 12V, 30A 18 outputs protected
Input voltage: 90-240AC 50-60Hz
protected individual outputs 18 channels protected by fuses.
Output voltage: 12V, 30A max (1.5-1.6 / channel)
Housing: metal clasp
Overload protection, overvoltage, short circuit, tamper

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Set Video balun interference protection and elective discharges until 8MP
professional video surveillance system with 16 cameras, 16 channel DVR with all mounting accessories included. Free UPS system. Hard disk is optional depending on how you want to save recordings. If you want changes to the kit please contact us.

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