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Simulate a telephone line, automatically switch to GSM when cutting landlines in working mode PSTN automatically switch to fixed line in case of failure the GSM network in working mode GSM LED signal indicators and running mode 3 OC type, GSM module quad band GSM antenna integrated connector for external antenna optional notifications in real-time decoding events transmitted power (status, alarm, Tampa, defects) in formats CID / SIA in SMS (26 messages max 8 no phone), 32 phone numbers for remote control, programming from PC using software console port RS232 (PC link) or remotely by software (DLS5).
Model / producer BENTEL
Type: Press / call GSM 2G
Power: Between 10.7 and 27.6 VDC
Max. consumed: 450mA at a voltage of 13.8VDC
Output signal / command: 3 empty collector maximum 100mA
Operating frequency GSM module: 900/1800 MHz or 900/2100 MHz
Operating temperature: Å -10 ° C and 40 ° C
Size: 101 x 186 x 41 mm
Weight: 250g
Other: Supports Li-Ion (2700 mAh) (optional) backup 6h

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