EVAC cable 2×1.5 PH120, LSZH, 100m – Elan


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Technical data

Cable certified for EVAC systems, fire resistance 120 minutes, LSZH jacket purple;
Halogen-free, flame resistant, certified EN50200, CEI 20-22 III / IEC 60332-1, IEC 36 762 (PH120)
Maintain integrity of operation (electrical parameters allowed) in medium flame, E120 (120 minutes in the direct flame).
Loop resistance max. 36 Ω / km at 20 ° C,
The wires: red / black
Operating Temperature -15 ° C to + 80 ° C
nominal operating voltage 200 V
test voltage 2000V (1min / 50Hz)
Insulation resistance min. 13.5MΩ / km
bending radius approx. 10 x the diameter of the cable

Model / producer ELAN
Nr. yarn: 2
Wire thickness: 1.5 mm2
Conductor: twisted in pairs wrapped with fiberglass tape / mica.
Sheath: violet polymer and flame-retardant halogen free
The wires Red / Black

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