Central control Dahua ASC2204C-H, Master Mode 4-door one-way


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Central Control Access 4-door one-way anti-passback global support 200,000 valid cards and 150,000 records, supports different types of cards, supports access based on the card, password, fingerprint and combinations thereof, 8 inputs / 8 outputs alarm (relay), PC connection via TCP / IP, warning open door, intruder alarm, alarm panic alarm and sabotage interface Wiegand or RS485 to readers, anti-passback global (protection transmission card) multi-door interlock global (protection open doors multiple), multi card open (requires submission of several cards for opening door) configuration extensions via web, supports 128 programs Hours / vacation supports SDR based watch dog does not allow blocking equipment, installation applied possible to attach the backup battery incorporated with the possible backup source, offline operation, the possibility of extension using ASC2104B ASC2102B-T-T (up to 16 extensions).

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