Camera HDCVI 5 megapixels, 3.6mm lens, IR 80 M, IP 67, HAC-I8-A-HFW2501T


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HDCVI room 5 megapixels, 3.6mm lens, IR 80 M, IP 67, HAC-HFW2501T-I8-A
CMOS image sensor, high resolution 5 megapixel camera and 3.6 mm fixed lens
This type of room outside Dahua is equipped with an image sensor 1 / 2.8 “CMOS and has an impressive resolution Ultra HD + 5 megapixel (2K +). With this surveillance camera you can capture video clarity very smooth and precise details. This real-time camera records 20 frames per second at 5 MP and 25 frames per second Ultra HD 4 MP, Full HD 1080p or 720p HD.
The camera has a fixed lens of 3.6 mm which gives a wide viewing angle of 79 °. The wide viewing angle allows you to record images overview supervised space with large frames. This feature makes this Special dina room perfect one for its use in open spaces, large. Its success can be used for monitoring parking lots, highways, railway stations, airports, shops or public institutions.
Sharp images even at night
This HDCVI Dahua surveillance camera has four infrared LEDs strong with which to record clear images even at night or in low light. These LEDs allow the camera to capture images at night over a distance up to 80 meters.
Starting infrared LEDs can be done automatically or manually, depending on your needs and preferences.
aluminum casing resistance and bad weather

This camera has an aluminum Dahua resistance, the protection index IP rated as 67. Moreover, it is resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow, extreme temperatures (-40 ° C ~ + 60 ° C).

Camera surveillance DAHUA HFW2501T-I8-A – main features

Main standard HDCVI = High Definitiion Composite Video Interface (proprietary technology DAHUA Technology)
other accepted standards – HDTV (Turbo HD), AHD, CVBS (standard change is through external switch 2xDIP)
resolution camera – 5Megapixel 2592x1944px @ 20fps or 25fps or 4Megapixel 2560x1440px @ 2Megapixel / 1080P 1920x1080px @ 25fps (PAL)
Image Sensor – High Performance size 1 / 2.8 “CMOS technology, 5MP resolution (2592x1944px), progressive scan
STARLIGHT technology – superior performance in very low light conditions 0.005Lux / F1.6, 30IRE
Audio – microphone, high quality Hansa studio cellar signal (audio signal transmission on the same cable to video HDCVI, advanced technology to eliminate background noise and faithful audio playback)
standard lens – fixed / monofocal, 3.6mm focal length (wide angle opening horizontally about 79grd) fixed iris
Optional lenses – custom camera comes with lens 6mm / 50grd or 8mm / 38grd
SMART IR (use in poorly lit during the night) – 4 x IR LED Array, video monitors the nighttime to 80m
filter day / night – IRC (IR Cut), automatic switching
OSD – Yes (English) includes settings for backlight (backlight), working day / night, white balance, private zone masking, motion detection, etc.
WDR – WDR 120dB True
image noise reduction – 2D / 3D
housing – construction bullet, aluminum, black and white +
chamber support – allows the installation of vertical or horizontal surfaces (ceilings, walls), control 3-axis
Power – 12 VDC (tolerance +/- 30%)
Operating temperature -40 + 60gdrC
weather protection class – IP67
vandal protection class – N / A
Compatibility – DAHUA DVRs that support 5MP or higher resolution
certifications – CE, FCC, UL

Recommendations use according D.O.R.I.
Distance DORI (Detect observed, Recognize, Identify) is an approximation of distance used to make it easier to identify the camera suitable for video surveillance needs. DORI distance calculation is based on the specifications of the image sensor (+ lens used) and laboratory test results according to EN 62676-4, which defines the criteria to detect, observe, recognize and identify people or objects (in optimal lighting conditions ).
DAHUA HAC-HFW2501T-I8-A (3.6mm lens) – these distances can be taken into account for detecting the observation-recognition-identification-human

Detection (25px / m) = 72m
Observation (63px / m) = 29m
Recognition (125px / m) = 14m
Identification (250px / m) = 7m

Technology HDCVI – main features

proprietary technology DAHUA Technology – HDCVI = High Definitiion Composite Video Interface
Support megapixel resolution: 8MP / 4K, 5MP, 4MP / 1440p, 2MP / 1080p 1MP / 720P
a single cable, coax or UTP for transmitting video, audio and data (OSD control room)
The maximum distance between DVR and cameras up to 300-1200m (maximum distance depends on the camera resolution, generation, type and quality of the cable used: RG6 or RG59 coax, UTP CAT5e / 6)
solution for switching to high resolution and reasonable costs

Note: the supply is sold separately
DAHUA 5MP camera surveillance HFW2501T-I8-A-technical


Camera Resolution
5 megapixel – 2592 (H) x1944 (V) pixels @ 20fps (PAL); the camera can be set OSD on lower resolutions: 4MP or 2MP @ 25fps @ 25fps (PAL)

Image Sensor
CMOS technology, size 1 / 2.8 inch, number of effective pixels 2592 (H) x1944 (V), 5 megapixel, progressive scan system

TV System

Standard video
Multi-standard: mainly HDCVI, supports HDTV, AHD and CVBS (standard 2xDIP change switch located on the video cable / power)

Signal / noise
greater than 65dB

Level Minimum light (IR LED = OFF)
0,005Lux / F1.6, 30IRE technology STARLIGHT

Level Minimum light (IR LED = ON)

video output signal
HDCVI / HDTV / AHD (high-resolution signal) or CVBS (standard resolution signal) impedance 75Ohm, one BNC connector


High Quality Audio
high fidelity microphone built; HDCVI technology – audio signal transmitted over the same cable with the video; conventional audio microphone


monofocal lens (fixed), 3.6mm focal length (the horizontal opening angle of about 79grd), fixed iris, focus distance of at least 1.3m


OSD (on screen menu)
Yes, English

day-night operation
Yes, the projector IR sensor for automatic activation of CdS

Special Functions
120dB True WDR, AGC, AWB, BLC / HLC

Shutter (shutter) e
1 / 25s-1 / 100.000s (PAL)

NR (Picture Noise Reduction)
yes, system 2D / 3D

IRC (IR filter self-shrinking)
yes mechanical automatic switching, Smart IR

IR LED projector
4xIR LED Array

Distance IR
supervision in the dark up to 80m

IR projector Control (On / Off)
automatic / manual


Operating Temperature
-40 + 60grdC

less than 95%, non-condensing

Protection class


supply / consumption (voltage / current)
12Vdc / max. 0,9A (active IR projector); withstand voltage tolerance of 30%

Power Supply Recommended
12Vdc / 2A (to be purchased separately)



Net weight

bullet format, aluminum, black and white +

bracket allows installation on vertical or horizontal

Chamber DAHUA HAC-HFW2501T-I8-A – DVRs compatible DAHUA

4 channel DVR 5MP
8 channel DVR 5MP
16 Channel DVR 5MP
32 channel DVR 5MP

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