4x2x08 fire cable JE-H (St) H FE 180 E30-E90, screened – Unifi


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4x2x08 fire cable JE-H (St) H FE 180 E30-E90, screened – Unifi
4x2x08 fire cable JE-H (St) H E30-E90 shielded FE 180

Halogen-free, flame resistant, according to DIN VDE 0815, TS 13767
to the integrity of insulation built to withstand 180 min flame without being destroyed, according to IEC 60331-21
Maintaining the integrity of the function (at the electrical parameters are permitted) in the medium flame DIN VDE 4102-12, E90 (90 minutes in the direct flame).
temp. 73.20 loop Ω / km at 20 ° C,
The wires according to VDE 0815: red / blue, gray / yellow, green / brown, white / black
Operating Temperature -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
nominal operating voltage 225 V
test voltage 2000V (1min / 50Hz)
Insulation resistance min. 100MΩ / km
800 Hz max capacity. 120 nF / km
Capacity unbalance (unbalanced) 300pF / 100 m
bending radius approx. 10 x the diameter of the cable
Model / manufacturer: UNAL KABLO
No. wire 4
Thickness thread: 0 8 mm
conductor: twisted in pairs wrapped with fiberglass tape / small.
Sheath: Halogen free polymer and flame-retardant halogen free
The wires: red / blue gray / yellow green / white brown / black
Packing: Roll 100m (price per roll)
Weight: 9.5 Kg / roll
Color sheath: Orange

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