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Wireless Repeater mode, compatible PowerGUI, double tamper indicator radio signal quality and battery status. Feeding 230VAC + backup battery 4.8V / 1.3Ah. 5 service can send messages to the system. Compatible only with NEO series.
Model / producer DSC
Type: Wireless Repeater
Compatibility with the power: NEO-NEO-HS2032 HS2016 HS2064 NEO-NEO-HS2128
Power: 230VAC adapter / battery backup 9VAC + 4.8V / 1.3Ah
Operation time on battery (4.8V / 1.3Ah) 48 hours (fully charged)
Frequency: 868MHz
Operating temperature: -10Â ° C to + 55A ° C
Tamper: Yes Double
Color: White
Service Messages Lack of Supervision Tamper Low Battery Voltage Fault
Operating temperature: -10Â ° C to + 55A ° C

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