Waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20


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waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20
sensor DS18B20 Smart relay is connected to a series TH and help to monitor the temperature in different rooms or environments.
At the same time allows automatic switching on or off a certain temperature depending on the various devices.
temperature sensor transmits all data to and receiving information intelligent switch that sends the relay via the Internet on the smartphone screen Ewelinka free application.
It can be used in many useful ways and scenarios can be created pernonalizate.
For example, you can set the boiler or water heater to start heating the house when the temperature drops below the set value.
You can also set the air conditioner to run if the room temperature rises above the value at which you feel comfortable. Or, if you have air conditioning, you can order automatically switch on the fan in the room.
The options and the benefits are many: you can control the temperature in any room, garage, aquarium or pool. From a few taps on your phone you can set up automated rules to start heating or air conditioning for each room in which you installed sensor with relay Sonoff TH10 / 16.
Using the Ewelinka and relay the WiFi connection you can monitor and control the temperature in the house, regardless you’re at work or visiting friends. Simple and effective.
The sensor Sonoff DS18B20 measured accurately in the range of -55 degrees to 125 degrees, is constructed of stainless steel and is functional to the depth of 1 meter of water.

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