Video surveillance system with 2 rooms 1 Rovision outdoor and 1 indoor IR80m Dahua IR 20m


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The system contains:
– XVR5104C-X1 Dahua DVR, 4 channels IP + 2, 5M-N / 1080P, H.265 +, Pentabrid (2 rooms can be added)
– indoor surveillance camera Dahua HAC-T1A21-0280B 1080P, 2MP HDCVI Eyeball
– surveillance camera outside Rovision ROV1200DP 2MP IR 80m IP67 housing href=”https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grad_de_protec%C8%9Bie”> 3.6 mm lens metal
– 2x surveillance crimping cable 15 m (about pin connections)
– 2 x 12V 2A wire feeder, power supply LED indicator and protective filter
DVR Dahua XVR5104C-X1 4 channel IP + 2, 5M-N / 1080P, H.265 +, Pentabrid
XVR5104C Pentabrid Dahua DVR-X1 4 channel 5M-N, 1080P realtime, ONVIF, H.265 + / H.265 dual-stream HDCVI / AHD / TVI / CVBS / IP, max 6 channel IP to 6MP each max 24Mbps, 1xSATA 1 HDMI / 1 VGA, audio in / out 1/1, 1 RJ45 (100M), 2 USB, intelligent search, face detection, IVS, depending POS, Smart 1U.
It supports technologies AHD HD-CVI, HD-TVI, IP and Analog ( CVBS ) to integrate easily with most popular video recording formats, providing an affordable solution with options as flexible. The maximum recording resolution is 5T-N – 1080p at 25 fps. XVR5104C-X1 has a data storage capacity up to 6 TB using SATA 1 HDD type and provides a means of backup via USB or directly through Internet network.
You can access live cameras wherever you are by simply connecting the smartphone (Android, iPhone). POS, these functions include overlapping POS receipts and information about search, which can be used on a large scale in retail stores. Transmission distance coaxial and UTP cable is a maximum of 800 m for a Full HD (1080p). This DVR has built-in face detection, it is used in many applications the search and identification of persons. The operating temperature of the device starts at – 10 ° C and can reach a temperature of + 45 degrees Celsius.
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interior surveillance camera Dahua HAC-T1A21-0280B 1080p, 2MP HDCVI Eyeball
interior surveillance camera Dahua
interior surveillance camera Dahua HDCVI Eyeball HAC-T1A21-0280B is exactly what you need. Even when you’re not home, you can be sure your home is well supervised. Due to the wide angle of 103 °, view images in a wide shot with 2.8 mm lens.
Even if an interior room, you definitely need a capture clear images at night. For this reason, the camera is equipped with infrared LEDs, which permits a recording quality images even in the dark. IR-CUT filter chamber self-shrinking help provide sharp images of objects at 20 m, even in the worst light conditions.

Functions and features surveillance cameras inside
Technology HDCVI
HDCVI camera is equipped with technology that allows the transmission of four signals simultaneously on the same coaxial cable. For example, only one cable can simultaneously transmit video, audio *, data and power. Dual mode data transmission allows the camera to interact with HCVR to trigger the alarm in case of emergency and sending signals. Even if you’re not home and someone tries to enter the house burglary alarm will trigger and you will be notified of this.
* audio is only available in some models of the rooms HDCVI
Transmission distance information
HDCVI technology promises real-time information transmission distance without any loss. Transmission via coaxial cable offers up to 800m (1080P) / 1200 m (720P) and the UTP cable at a distance of up to 300m (1080P) / 450m (720P) *
* information verified and tested in real time in laboratories Dahua
Smart IR
Chamber was created LED IR illuminators that allow microcrystalline record clear images even in the poor light conditions. Smart IR technology which instantly adjusts brightness and intensity IR LEDs to allow recording clear images in the dark. When the camera detects a person approaching in the dark, adjust brightness to a higher quality of recorded images. Thus, if necessary, can easily recognize individual features of the image.
Other functions and features

OSD menu in multiple languages ​​
withstand the extreme temperature environments -40 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
IP67, which protects the camera from external factors such as rain, dust, etc.
special functions: HLC, BLC, DWDR, AGC, DNR 2D
plastic casing
size: 85 x 85 x 69 mm

Rovision outdoor surveillance cameras smart ROV1200DP 2MP IR 80m 3.6 mm lens metal housing IP67
Outdoor Camera Rovision 2 MP FULL HD 1080P IR 80m
Outdoor Camera Rovision has a 2 MP CMOS sensor, Full HD 1080p recording. It has a metal housing, so resistance to weather conditions, and the attempts of vandalism. This camera records Full HD 1080p at 25 frames per second and 720p HD resolution at 25/50 frames per second.
The camera has a fixed 3.6 mm lens which allows a wide viewing angle of 89,9º. Thus, this camera captures will be a much larger portion of the area to be monitored and you get an overview. Moreover, it is a camera that records high quality images even at night or in low light is equipped with infrared LEDs that allow registration for an a distance of 80 meters.
The camera supports transmission on coaxial cable, long distance up to 500 meters.

OSD and useful features
The camera is equipped with OSD menu. This menu allows you to change certain image settings according to your needs. Thus, according to the camera position or the details that matter to you, you can adjust the settings to get the perfect result.
The camera also has a number of useful features that guarantee sharp images with defined details:

DWDR – function that allows increased brightness in dark areas of the picture for high-quality images;
AWB – allows you to adjust white balance to render color as real;
AGC – this function allows the camera’s video signal amplification inconditii low lighting or decrease its intensity when the light is strong;

• BLC – feature that the camera will play back images with balanced and uniform illumination; This function becomes active when the background is brightly lit – which dark elements in the foreground;
• 2DNR – With this function, you get images without the “fleas”, even in low light conditions.
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Resolution 2MP (1080p – 1920 × 1080)
CMOS technology – Sensor 1 / 2.7 “;
Day / Night (ICR), AWB, AGC, BLC, 2DNR, DWDR
3.6 mm fixed lens with horizontal viewing angle – 89.9 degrees;
IP67 protection – resistance to dust and water jets;
Smart IR – maximum distance 80m;
Operating temperature – -30 to +60 degrees Celsius.
Supply 12Vdc / 1A maximum consumption 6.8W.

2x surveillance camera cable crimping, DC-BNC and signal cable to feed crimping.

Input voltage: 90-240AC, 50-60Hz
Output voltage: 2A
Cable length: 100CM
Overload protection, overvoltage, short-circuit

Power supply 12V 2A is the most common option for power cameras voltage 12VDC. This is not only the variant solar or wireless monitoring cameras batteries are common choices.
This 2A power supply / 12V on the line filter has an input voltage of 90-240V, 50-60Hz. Its output voltage is 2A.
The cable has a length represented by 100cm . The power supply has overload protection, short-circuit and over-voltage .
These power supplies are capable of meeting the energy needs of video surveillance cameras. Some models cameras Video 12V DC need specific configuration: 1Amp 2 AMP 5 AMP or more.
Do not forget to check before buying or installing these configurations to ensure the needs of selected camera monitoring.
Joint surveillance system consists of two rooms very easy to install and configure with all accessories included. Hard is optional.
This kit can be added two rooms if you want other domensiuni cables please contact us and indicate this when making your order.

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