Uninterruptible Power Supply 500VA 400W UPS with AVR function purely ADLER SINUS Sinus UPS 400W-WM


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Uninterruptible Power Supplies 500VA / 400W, pure sine, external battery.
Equipped with 2 shockproof sockets allowing direct connection of equipment with inductive load / capacitive.

Wide range of supply voltages
after the automatic adjustment of the supply voltage (AVR)
Control CPU
Overload and short
acoustic and visual alarm
automatically controlled charging current and battery overload protection / unloading
Manage intelligent battery
Beach power supply 155 ~ 290 VAC, 47-65Hz
Output voltage (grid mode) 195-255Vac, 50Hz
output voltage (battery mode) 230Vac, 50Hz
waveform (battery mode) pure sūnūs
Efficiency & gt; 80%
Transfer time

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