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Relay two wireless channels Sonoff Dual
Sonoff Dual is a clever control relay WiFi independent control of 2 channels (eg. Electrical or electronic devices). Sonoff relay serves as the second standard.
Sonoff Dual has the same advantages and principles of installation and use as Sonoff Basic, WiFi access and easy control with the help of Ewelinka .

In Ewelinka application, available for Android and iOS, the user can control, stop / start, the two connected devices.
button on the front panel there is a button on / off button to sync it. The user can set the device to turn on / off at certain times, to interact with other devices sonoff etc.


Control Remote ON / OFF via the Ewelinka .
Control two independent devices in application Ewelinka with a maximum consumption of 10A
Control LAN – Enable / disable the WiFi does not even have access to the Internet
You can check the status
It functions and programming delay devices connected
Sharing control – Access control your home smart for the whole family
Scenarios – Enable / disable a range of devices with a single touch
Smart scenario – on / off depending on the temperature, noise or other environmental conditions of the sensor
Compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot Tap Amazon, Google Homepage, Google Nest.

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