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wireless sensor present Sonoff PIR2
Sonoff PIR2 this sensor is a PIR motion sensor which operates on the 433 MHz frequency for the detection of human presence. Motion detector works with RF Sonoff Bridge 433 and when the system is armed detects this and sends an alert to your mobile phone with the help of Ewelinka.

Work Area: 150m (open space)
voltage: 3V (2 * AA)
Standby current: = 9μA
Alarm current: = 10mA
Wireless frequency: 433.92MHz
wireless transmission code: 1527Mhz
detection distance: 12m @ 25 °
detection angle: 110 degrees
The maximum area coverage: 12m * 12m
light alarm: flashing for 3 seconds
Work environment: interior
Product Size: 120 * 62 * 46mm
Type Battery: 2 x AA batteries (included)

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