Temperature and humidity relay TH10 Sonoff


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Sonoff temperature and humidity relay TH10
Sonoff TH10 is a relay that can monitor and set the temperature and humidity via the Ewelinka . TH10 model supports a voltage of 10A.
With Sonoff TH10 can be preset a certain range of temperature and humidity. When the ambient temperature or humidity is within the preset range, TH10 Sonoff stop / automatic start device connected sites.
TH10 Sonoff supports four patterns of humidity and temperature sensors:

AM2301 (not waterproof)
DS18B20 (temperature measurement only, waterproof)

sensors must be connected before the start Sonoff TH10. It is advisable to attach the sensors after startup.

An important feature Sonoff TH10 relay is that it can operate as a standard Sonoff when not connected sensors.
Sonoff TH10 can be used with air conditioning, humidifier, smart aquarium, etc.

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