Simple switch wireless touch glass Livolo gold

Buy wireless touch switches LIVOLO glass, comfort and elegance in your home before all control telecomanda.Fii choose technology! It can be operated: – Direct to switch on / off touch; – Livolo the remote control, one of two models: The remote key fob type of Touch Screen Remote Control Livolo glass Livolo controller (purchase separately); – The smartphone using Hub BroadLink RM PRO Plus by Ihc application for me or with Hub Allon Pro Orvibo by application Homem (hubs are sold separately); – Vocal Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Intermediate switch between Google and Amazon Alexa Home or you need one of the two models hub: BroadLink RM PRO Plus or Pro Orvibo Allon. Wireless touch switch (touch) on / off – LED blue – when the switch is off and red – when the switch is on, easy to use in the dark, scratch-resistant, moisture will always look flawless. Suitable for home, offices, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants. Compatible with remotes LIVOLO will bring more comfort for you to control switches remote control.
Brand: Livolo
Panel Material: Tempered Glass Crystal
Size: 80mm * 80mm * 40mm
Maximum voltage: 250 V
Maximum current: 5 A
Power consumption: less than 0.1mW
Type: Wall Light Switch Remote Control (RC can be purchased separately, not included in the product price) is recommended wattage bulbs than 5W distance remote & lt; = 30m.
Certification: CE, RoHS