Set videobalun passive wireless transmission 300 meters AHD, CVI, TVI for surveillance cameras up to 5MP


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SET PASSIVE wired VIDEOBALUN AHD, CVI, TVI for surveillance cameras up to 5MP
Set video balun passive used in network CCTV transmission via UTP Videobalun Anti interference and lightning, Video balun passive HDCVI / HDTV / AHD (price / set 2 pcs.) 5 MP Design ABS case with organizational system, video balun HD video signal transmission via UTP cat5e / 6e; BNC Connector – the central pin 100% copper. Terminal with fast connection transmission distance: Color 600M, 1000M White Black Protection: ESD, lightning, anti-interference, seismic and power outages. Professional surveillance systems are recommended.

Video balun passive HDCVI / HDTV / AHD antiinterferente (price / set 2 pcs.)
new design ABS case model system organization
Video balun HD to full HD video transmission through UTP cat5e / 6e
BNC Connector – the central pin 100% copper.
Terminal with fast connection
Transmission Distance: HDCVI: 300m (720P); 150m (1080P); AHD: 300m (720P / 960P); 300m (1080P); HDTV 200m (1080P); 300m (720P)
Protection ESD, lightning, anti-interference, 75 Ohms / – UTP or FTP Passive single channel transceiver HDCVI Compatible with AHD / CVI / TVI signal
Signal Transmission: Cable up to 4 MP: CAT 5 / 5e / 6 No power required / Built-in surge

set Video balun passive allows users to use cabling technologies video monitoring cameras more economical than RG59 coaxial cables . Due to the use of a set videobalun , Cabure Cat5 UTP can travel greater distances than coaxial cables, which reduces costs. A video balun kit makes it possible to use UTP at distances up to 1000m.
300m transmission set passive videobalun Full HD is compatible with AHD systems, HD CVI and TVI, but can be used with cameras up 5MP . It is a set videobalun HD video signal transmission through UTP Cat 5e / 6E , especially in the video monitoring of a professional.
This set is a good choice in monitoring CCTV transmission via UTP cable. Anti shows interference and lightning. Design ABS housing is organizing system. BNC connector pin is central copper 100% and fast connection terminal.
Transmission distance is 600M to 1000M for color and black and white . Here are just values ‚Äč‚Äčtransmission distance in Diverso monitoring technology Video: HDCVI 300M (720p), 150M (1080p) AHD: 300m (720p / 960p), 300m (1080p) HTDVI: 200m (1080p), 300m (720p ). The set comes with ESD protection, lightning, anti-interference, power outages and earthquake. It has an impedance 75Ohms / HDCVI passive UTP or FTP. Does not require power supply and the price is extremely advantageous, considering its quality and durability.

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