Sensor present-moving vehicles – OPTEX OVS-01GT


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sensor in this vehicle that replaces a successful induction loop where it is not possible to mount it.
Double detectie’microunde / ultrasonica’ce prezenta’cat can detect both movement and a vehicle. Immunity to this people.
Istalare & nbsp; quick and easy with a barrier or gate automation.
Model / producer OPTEX Type Detector of presence / movement car Frequency: Microwave: Ultrasonic 24GHz: 56KHz optimum installation height 0.5 m operating temperature: -30 ° C to + 50 ° C speed Detected: 2 to 20 km / h immunity in humans: Yes adjustable Microwave detection 2-5.5 meters adjustable power supply: 12 to 24 VDC absorption in alarm: 200mA (max) @ 24Vdc (heater oN); 80 mA (max) @ 24 Vdc (heater OFF) Size: 175mm x 80mm x 72.5mm Protection: IP65 Other output NO / NC Ultrasound Detection: 0.6-1 meter adjustable operating modes: Enable / vehicle protection

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