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Broadlink S1 PIR sensor works with alarm kit Broadlink S1C and S2C Broadlink. User – Wireless Infrared Detector Broadlink IX30
1. Introduction
IX30 Broadlink wireless detector uses micro-technology and process control technology Energy dynamic random time division.
High quality and precision sensors combined with advanced software makes it more effective in detecting foreign persons or against competing products that may semnla false.
With excellent detection and no false alarms can be used in different locations make this product perfect for enhanced protection and due module to save energy, batteries can have a lifespan of up to two years.
2. Installation Guide is not installed on hot surfaces / cold;
Avoid mounting the direct sunlight;
Cable detector be removed from high voltage wires;
Installation must be done on a stable surface;
Installation should be done on a metal wall; Function selection switch (jumper)
The IX30 can be set to operate in three ways:
The unit will beep after 5 seconds after being triggered and will send a signal monitoring every 15 minutes to report their status and battery detector;
Standard Mode:
When the detector activates the alarm is triggered and after three minutes. Detector will send every 60 minutes report detector and battery status.
Mode code:
Hold down the control button 3secunde, the detector will send an identification code to the control panel.
Switch settings (jumper)
IX30 detector has three types of settings: Pulse 1: The detector sends an alarm signal when the sensor detects one pulse;
Pulse 2: The detector sends an alarm signal when the sensor detects two pulses;
Pulse 3: The detector sends an alarm signal when the sensor detects three pulses; Due to the higher pulse detector that detects false alarms and sensor sensitivity level is low. 4. Setting detector
Set device setting device initial mode, insert the batteries and the sensor LED will light up. Set detector mode code (requires installation of the control panel, please check the user manual), after 3 seconds press the confirmation button on the control panel.
Move your hands in front of the detector and it will send an alarm panel decontrol. If the control panel will beep accordingly it has been configured properly.
Click on the button control detector, it will send an alarm if the control panel will issue a corresponding signal that has been configured properly. Enter code manually by entering your 9-digit
5. Testing Set motion sensor detector test mode.
Detectorlui passed before any such directive, the LED will flash sensor and alarm to be triggered.
Test the detector from different angles. Make sure the detector is pointing in the right direction.
Center detection sensor should not be tilted up. To obtain a wide range of detection adjusts the detection range down to make sure the device is in the correct position.
Performs a test again to make sure that it works correctly.
After the detector has been configured successfully change the settings on normal mode.

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