Programmable intelligent socket BroadLink SP3 Wi-Fi, mobile control blue


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It’s time for an intelligent home at an affordable price. Broadlink wireless SP3 can be controlled using a smartphone, tablet – iOS, Android with the help of E-Control available on Android or iOS. Outlet intelligence: SP3 control WiFi control 3G / 4G, configuration intelligent LED light vigil protection loading settings 32 programs, six options timer setting, depending random timer setting for home security, according the countdown to the 24 hour time setting option for summer / winter range setting for more than 1 second, sensors IFTTT.
Color: White
Size: 94mm * 50mm * 81.6mm
Operating environment wet: ≤ 85%
Operating temperature: 0 ° C-55 ° C
Gross vehicle weight 3500W
Certification: CE, GS, RoHS
Manual outlet intelligence Broadlink

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