PIR detector outside the CCTV control, 40 x 5m x 4m + 5, anti-masking, anti-vandal – OPTEX


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& nbsp motion detector, PIR external mounting to a height of 2.3 – 4.0m and a 40 x 4m detection, anti-masking, anti-vandal has & nbsp; three-axis accelerometer. Designed for controlling devices such as PTZ CCTV’s. & Nbsp; Three independent detection areas.
Sensitivity independent for each area. AVF-1 Using the optional device can easily view and adjust each of the matrix.
Independent protection area under detector, automatic compensation of temperature and light.
Ideal for military bases, airports, prisons, banks, hospitals, museums, government buildings.
Model / producer OPTEX Type PIR detector Zone Detected: 3 zones – on 40 x 4m ; about 6 x 9 m; below 5 x 5 m (3 x 2.3m and 5m mounting fitting 6 x 9 m to 4 m) optimum installation height 2.3 to 4 m temperature operating -25Â ° C to + 60A ° C (-40Â ° C to + 60A ° C with heater) Temperature compensation Yes Coating: 40m x 4m voltage: 11 to 16 VDC; 22-26 VAC current: 40 mA (max 12VDC); 75 mA (max at 24VAC); 415 mA (max at 24VAC with heating fixture) Anti-masking Yes Size: 248mm x 102mm x 266mm Other alarm output NO / NC NC tamper alarm output trouble CN protection class: IP65 unit; IP55 chassis Anti-vandal: Yes Light Compensation: Yes Interval between alarm OFF 15 60 sec 30 heating period: 60 sec. detection logic selector AND / OR “

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