PIR detector outside the CCTV control, 30 x 20m, anti-masking, anti-vandal – OPTEX


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& nbsp motion detector, PIR external mounting to a height of 2.3 – 4.0m and a 30 x 20m detection, anti-masking, anti-vandal has & nbsp; three-axis accelerometer. Designed for controlling devices such as PTZ CCTV’s. Two independent detection zones.
Sensitivity independent for each area. AVF-1 Using the optional device can easily view and adjust each of the matrix.
Compensation Automatic temperature and light.
Ideal for military bases, airports, prisons, banks, hospitals, museums, government buildings.
Model / producer OPTEX Type PIR detector Zone Detected: 2 zones – on 40 x 4m ; close optimum installation height 2.3 to 4 m Operating temperature: -30Â ° C to + 60A ° C Temperature Compensation: Yes Coating: 30m x 20m voltage: 11 to 16 VDC; 22-26 VAC current: 35 mA (max 12VDC); 70 mA (max at 24VAC); 410 mA (max at 24VAC with heating fixture)) Anti-masking Yes Size: 227mm x 102mm x 266mm Other alarm output NO / NC NC tamper alarm output trouble CN protection class: IP65 unit; IP55 chassis Anti-vandal: Yes Light Compensation: Yes Interval between alarm OFF 15 60 sec 30 heating period: 60 sec. detection logic selector AND / OR “

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