Passive Video Balun BNC UTP- (set 2 pcs.)


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UTP- passive BNC video balun (set 2 pcs.) Video wireless passive balun: reception / transmission, transmission Ditanta pinduse screw: 300 m with a 600 meter videobalun a passive or an active receiver. Transmission: PAL, NTSC, SECAM – excellent quality lightning protection, interference protection, anti-static Size 39mm & times; 20mm & times; 15mm Weight: 20g
Model / producer UTEPO Type Video Transmitter Video Connector: BNC Female transmission distance: up to 300m (passive passive) or 600m (passive active) Drive: PAL NTSC SECAM – excellent quality Other: lightning protection, anti-static interference protection Size: 39A-20A 15 mm “

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