Outdoor PIR detector with anti-masking batteries – OPTEX


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& nbsp motion detector, PIR outside & nbsp; detection & nbsp; 2m or 5m, anti-masking immunity in animals (PET).
Power battery with a lifespan of up to & nbsp; six years. Rotate 190 & deg; Included with the cradle.
Technology ‘Intelligent AND logic’ to avoid false alarms caused by small animals. Optional wall tamper.
Model / producer OPTEX Type Dual PIR motion detector with anti-masking detection limit 2m or 5m optimum installation height 0.8 to 1.2m operating temperature: -20Â ° C to + 60A ° C Sensitivity Standard adjustable / Low immunity in animals (pet): Yes Coating: 5 x 1m voltage from 3 to 9 VDC – powered by batteries (lithium or alkaline) current: 10uA stand-by (3 mA max. at 3Vdc ) Tamper: Yes Dimensions: 155mm x 42.5mm x 35mm protection class: IP55 “

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