NanoBeam M5 19dB AirMax wireless antenna MIMO – Ubiquiti


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NanoBeam Ubiquiti M5 is a device that functions as AP / Client Bridge /
WDS and provides a gain of 19 dBi. Operating in the 5GHz 802.11a / n.
It can be used in links Poin-to-Point, as part of the Point-to-Multipoint network or a wireless client over medium / large 15 Km.
Easy adjustment thanks to the ball-type.
frequency 5GHz
Earnings 19 dBi
Standard: IEEE 802.11a / n
Network interface: 10/100
Input: 24V PoE passive
Consumption: 6W
Temperature: -40Â ° C to + 80 Å ° C
Size: 189 x 189 x 125 mm
Weight: 0530 kg
VSWR: Max. 1.5: 1
Processor 74KC Atheros 560 MHz MIPS
Type antenna: parabolic
Polarization: double linear
Memory: 64MB DDR2 8MB Flash
Transfer rate: 150 Mbps
Other: LEDs Power Ethernet 4 x Signal level