Microphone preamp for surveillance systems


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microphone preamp for surveillance systems
microphone inside preamp with RCA connector and jack 12V suggest that you use the microphone to any DVR unit that supports audio input. Contact is made with an RCA jack and a microphone jack BNC DVR. Contact can be used for both network cable (UTP or FTP) and coaxial cable. At the end you will have a microphone jack RCA connection on UTP or coaxial and DVR video adapter balloon (UTP) or BNC (coax) The microphone requires 12V, 1A. Power to do so with a separate cable (if audio is coaxial cable) or using two of the eight wires in the cable UTP / FTP (if audio is the cable network). Voice will be activated in the DVR menu (your DVR to record audio) and audio recording will be superimposed on the video channel accordingly. Example: audio input channel two overlapping audio will sound over thumbnails to the video channel 2

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