LCD keypad with icons + wireless module, wired, 128 areas, NEO SERIES – DSC


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Keyboard LCD icons + wireless module POWER G built cable – DSC NEO POWER up to 128 zones wired & nbsp; or wireless, 5 programmable keys, one the keyboard (or PGM), 3-button emergency (fire, medical and panic), LCD brightness adjustment and buzzer, 4-wire bus wiring Corbus. & nbsp; Compatible only with NEO series.
Model / producer DSC Type LCD icons compatibility with power: NEO-NEO-HS2032 HS2016 neo- NEO-HS2128 HS2064 area on the keyboard 1 (or PGM) frequency: (not set) distance communication central: wired – max. 305m Power: From this central Emergency Buttons 3 (fire medical and panic) Other: G POWER embedded wireless module “

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