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Redsun RS-46 lamp-Q9 is a lamp magnetic levitation, which is part of a segment of professional products, high quality with a modern design. Attractive design transforms it into an ideal gift for any occasion. Overall dimensions: 140mm, 135mm height
Size magnet base body 175 x 45 mm
Power: 5-10 W;
Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
Battery: 3.7V lithium
Compatible charging cable: DC5V, 12V
Weight: 1.2kg;
Case Material: ABS;
Package Includes: Magnet base body x1, x1 globe, DC5V cable charger / 1 x 1 Manual x 1
Install Lamp Redsun RS-46-Q9
Put the base body horizontally on a flat surface and connects it to a power source via USB. (Warning: Co base magnet is very strong, keep it away from metals)
Keep metal body horizontally with both hands, then keep it at a distance of 10cm above the base body and move it straight to the point illustrated. As soon as you feel a force that keeps the body suspended in the air, that is the position in which the body can levita.Din then you can go ahead with the suspended body care (WARNING: If not successful and make your body levitate 10 consecutive base will heat up. Take off the base adapter and let cool for 5 minutes, then try again)
After making body levitate, turn it slightly and then will rotate automatically.
Connect the USB cable to the computer box.
While charging, the red light will be lit. 100% charged when it appears light blue.
Battery speaker was built with overload protection, if the speaker is allowed to charge for longer than needed.

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