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KIT Content:
1 x Central alarm DS-PWA32-H
1 x PIR
AXHub from Hikvision is the latest innovative anti-theft systems.
AX Series is designed rezindetiale systems and small commercial spaces. To secure the perimeter, AXHub can enroll peripherals as detectors, magnetic contacts, as well and smoke detectors or gas.
cloud connectivity gives users complete control over the system from anywhere in the world via HIK-Connect application. Goggle can easily weapon, disarm and monitor system status.
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The main advantages of AXHub series are:

Easy to install and use, allow assitenta Voice setup and event reporting;
integrated web server that allows system configuration through a browser from a distance;
Ivaas function (Intruder Verification as s Service) – Possible integration of IP cameras and event reporting with video stream or image gain from video surveillance cameras;
Native Integration with HIK-Connect mobile application IVMS-4200 and CMS application (FREE)
two way communication with up to 32 wireless devices;
Multimple communication channels: Internet, Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G, GPRS
posibiltati dispatching SIA compatible protocol – Contact ID;
Easy to install and configure

Manufacturer: HIKVISION
Frequency: 433MHz
Communication distance: 800 meters (in the open)
Model AX Hub DS-PWA32-H
Capacity devices 32 x wireless sensors / 2 x sirens / 8 x remote
Nr. partitions 1
LAN RJ 45 10M / 100M
Wi-Fi 2.4 G; 802.11b / g / n
Dispatch: SIA protocol – Contact ID
Users 13 (1 x installer 1x 11x administrator user)
Voltage: 5 VDC
Consumption: & lt; 5.6 W
Battery backup: 4520 mAh lithium (stand-by approx 12:00)
No wireless areas: 32
Size: 155 Ã- 155 Ã- 35mm
Operating temperature: Å -10 ° C to 55
Proximity Card: None

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