IR outer barrier 60m, four beams, four channels Master – OPTEX


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Barrier IR outside & nbsp; 4 beams, 4 channels that can be used in the protection of spaces & nbsp; commercial, residential, government or & nbsp; industrial & nbsp; with an extremely high degree of safety.
may be may connect to a network using IP module / POE, PIE-1.
The housing has a degree of protection IP65 and is designed to prevent the formation of ice in front of the beam.
Automatic Transmit Power Control automatically adjusts power beam, reducing risk alarm FasL because of fog, ice or oversaturated signal. BAU-4 compatible with the automatic alignment of the beams, and the heater HU-3 for use in extremely cold environments.
Range: 60m selected frequency range: 4 beam type: quad (four synchronized dual beam modulation) Calibration barrier Optical and acoustical automatic gain control AGC alignment angle (degrees) Å ± 10 Å ± 90A ° horizontal ° vertical temperature: -35Â ° C to + 60A ° C protection: IP65 Size: 448mm x 79mm x 96mm weight: 2.5kg beam interruption time: 50 ms 100 250 500 Other: alarm output alarm output tamper NC NC voltage: 10.5-28VDC Model / producer OPTEX “

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