IR laser detector inside-outside Redscan Lite, 30m to 190A ° lidar PoE – OPTEX


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Lite REDscan IR laser detector, with a coating of 30 m to 190 & deg; which can detect the size, speed and distance of an object moving & nbsp; and can process that information with a unique algorithm, which results in a high detection rate & nbsp; with minimal false alarms. The detector can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on the & nbsp; required.
RLS-3060SH REDSCAN 2D LIDAR detector is a high resolution that has both intelligent analysis of detection algorithms and the detection adjustable growing range of applications thereof such as PTZ control sites.
It can be integrated directly into a network security IP is supported by most & nbsp; & nbsp systems, Video Management Software (VMS).
Model / producer OPTEX Type IR Motion Detector REDscan Ultimate Class 1 optimal installation height horizontal mounting : 0.7m; Vertical mounting: 15m max. Operating temperature: -25Â ° C to + 60A ° C Coating: horizontal mount 30m to 190A ° ; vertical mounting – 60m voltage: 802.3at (POE +) 24V (PIE-1 connection) Anti-masking Yes Size: 334mm x 144mm x 155mm protection class: IP66 Anti-vandal Yes alarm time interval: 2 sec .; OFF delay timer Alarm: Redwall Event Code (UDP / TCP) Supported protocols: UDP TCP / IP * Redwall Event Code communication ports RJ-45 Ethernet 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX output control room NO 4 0.2 x 28 VDC output / can be changed N.C. with RSM Ver.8 Master Alarm Output: Form C 0.2 A 28 VDC max. Trouble output (anti-masking / rotating-soiled lens-DQ) Form C 0.2 A 28 VDC max. Tamper output: NC 0.1 A 28 VDC max. Environmental circuit disqualification Form C 0.2 A 28 VDC max. Select size objects: Small / Medium / Large Selector sensitivity High / Medium / Low “

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