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Infrared Motion Detector is designed to provide maximum detection and false alarm prevention systems for the residential and commercial burglary. It uses a microprocessor to measure the infrared signal at different times to effectively detect human movement. Detector technology adapts to changes of environmental conditions by adjusting the parameters of detection in the entire temperature range
Model / producer DSC
Type: Digital Motion Detector
The detection range: 12.2m x 12.2m normal / 10.7m x 10.7m aggressively
Detection angle: 75A ° minimum / 90A ° max
Optimal installation height 2.3m
Operating temperature: from -10Â ° C to + 50 Å ° C
The speed of motion detection: 0.15 – 3.0 m / s
Pet immunity (PET) Yes & lt; 27.3kg
RFI immunity: 10V / m (100Hz – 1.0GHz)
EMI immunity: 2.4KV @ 1.2joules
Temperature compensation: Yes
Voltage: in 9Vcc-14.5Vcc
Absorption at rest (nominal): 15mA
Current draw in alarm: 18mA
Tamper: Yes
Support: Yes

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