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AI surveillance system kit 8 8MP Camera with IR 80m 4K, microphone, Dahua DVR, accessories included


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– 8 channel DVR 8MP 4k WizSense XVR5108HS AI-I2-4KL Dahua

– 8x outdoor surveillance cameras 80m Rovision smart ROV1801TL 8MP IR-A 3.6 mm lens microphone IP67 DAC technology
– CAT 5E FTP cable 100% copper supply reel 305 m 2×1
– Set Video balun 8x 8MP HD-CVI / TVI / AHD / CVBS
– four power plugs father mother screw jacks + 4
– 2x 12V Power Source 10A wired YDS plastic housing 5.5×2.1x13mm
– 2x power distributor splitter 4-room
Rovision outdoor surveillance cameras ROV1801TL-A smart 80m IR 8MP 3.6 mm lens microphone IP67 DAC technology
outdoor bullet camera with HAC-1801TL-A from Rovision is the perfect choice for easy capture images of a higher quality. This camera has a video resolution of 8 megapixels (4K – 3840 x 2160 pixels), the recordings being made from a high quality, due to the CMOS sensor 1 / 2.7 inch. 3.6 mm fixed lens allows a wide viewing angle of 105 °.
Rov 1801TL-A is equipped with IR LED performance that allows you to view images at night up to a maximum distance of 80 m. Smart IR technology that ensure uniform brightness mode B / W (black / White) in low light conditions. This function adjusts Dahua Smart IR LED intensity IR camera to compensate for the distance of an object and prevents overexposure when the subject is moving toward camera. Among the special features of the camera Listed BLC, HLC, DWDR, AGC, 2D and 3D NR.
BLC (Back Light Compensation) correction and image optimization help from underexposure / high light. This function splits the recording into two different regions, using a different exposure for each region. This corrects brightness regions recording an extremely high or extremely low, making uniform image object focused. HLC (Highlight Compensation) created is a function of the need to reduce the intensity of the dazzling light that room can be subject (lights, reflectors, etc.).
The camera has IP67 to protect against external factors (rain, dust, etc.). The operating temperature of the room starts at -40 ° C and can reach up to + 60 ° C, with a metal casing.
record high-quality audio
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This room has bullet microphone. Audio recordings are used as additional evidence in video surveillance applications. Chamber accepts audio signal transmission via coaxial cable. In addition, adopt unique audio processing and transmission technology that delivers best sound from the source and eliminate noise, guaranteeing quality and effectiveness of audio recordings.
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Compatible 4 in 1
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The camera supports several types of technologies, including HDCVI, CVBS and two analog HD formats common market (AHD and Turbo HD). This feature makes the camera compatible with DVRs work on one of the technologies mentioned above or the Pentabride.
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8 channel DVR 8MP 4k WizSense XVR5108HS AI-I2-4KL Dahua
DVR Dahua Pentabrid XVR5108HS-4KL-I2 supports multiple technologies HDCVI / AHD / TVI / CVBS / IP. XVR5108HS-4KL-I2 allows recording resolution up to 4k, with a storage capacity on the HDD, up to 10 TB.
launcher Dahua Technology, WizSense is an innovative technology which includes a series of products and solutions that adopt chip AI AI independent and intelligent learning algorithms. WizSense focuses on people and vehicles with extremely high precision, allowing users to quickly act on definitelor targets. Based on advanced technologies of Dahua, WizSense offers simple and smart products.
This DVR functions 8 channel audio HDCVI and excels in technologies AI recognition / analysis facial (recognizes gender, age, wearing glasses or mask, day of birth, address, certificate, etc.) Tripwire (filter out false alarms caused animal, brightness, etc.), SMD Plus.
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detection face

This function is basically analyze people. Can recognize gender, age, wearing masks or glasses, birthday, address the person that detects certificate, etc. All these categories are classified for each option stored in the database, to differentiate categories.
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Analysis Tripwire

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This function can detect people, objects or vehicles that exceed a predefined virtual line. It presents an ideal solution for monitoring major inputs such as parking entrance or other enclosed areas.
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SMD Plus (Smart Motion Detection)
Because of this function, alarm recording starts simultaneously. Analyze automatically to minimize size and blur intruder alerts.

Power Source 10A 12V cameras
Source switching, chopper wired cameras
new model 2018 model high performance
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CAT 5E FTP cable 100% copper 2×1 supply reel 305 m

CAT5E FTP 4 * 2 * 0.5mm solid copper, dual fuel 2 x 1mm
305 m drum UV protection new PVC jacket ANSI / ICEA S-80-576, ANSI / TIA / EIA 568-A 100% copper cable diameter 5.6 m
nominal impedance of 100 Ohm / km
Test voltage max. Voltage 500 V Max. 250 V
Operating Temperature -30 to 60 C attenuation at 100 MHz: 21.98 dB / 100m
loop resistance: 18.6 Ω / 100m UV protection PET jacketed steel wire 1.2 mm 2.6mm PVC,
black ISO / IEC11801 EN50173, CE

fTP cables CAT5E is the most popular option in installing video monitoring systems as they are able to reduce interference in highly effective (many of them support up to 200Mhz, fast Ethernet connections and Gigabit Ethernet). Although this type of cable physically no different than its predecessor CAT5 , it is an improvement and meet stricter standards regarding interference.
FTP cable Cat 5e is 100% of the 2×1 mm copper Power and comes drum 305m. It is a good choice for connecting network devices and IP cameras monitoring the network RJ-45 connectors. It can be used successfully and connect cameras DVR , but with the adapter video balun .
This cable is shielded with foil and shows a PE outer sheath black, 0,92mm, being a good choice for outdoor assemblies. Or coating is flexible and resistant to installation. Shows UV protection PET + coating + 2.6mm double. Includes 1.2mm steel wire and PVC casing.
is the wire diameter 5,6mm and nominal impedance of 100 Ohm / km . The maximum test voltage is 500V. Attenuation is 100 MHz: 21.98 dB / 100m, while the loop resistance is 18.6 ohms / 100m.
The cable meet the standards ISO / IEC11801 EN50173, CE.
Because of its construction, the cable can operate in temperatures ranging between -30 and +60 degrees Celsius.
8 8MP camera surveillance system with all accessories included installation and commissioning. Minimum recommended optional HDD 2TB

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