3000KG’400VAC phase sliding gate automation – DITEC CROSS30E


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Automation 400Vac trifazat’pentru extremely heavy sliding gate length up to 20 m and max weight. 3000 kg.
Ideal for gates sliding gates in industrial areas with high traffic.
Made of as’ extremely robust mechanical part for a speed of 16 cm / sec. Magnetic limiter included. And long service life.
KIT Content:
trifazat’echipat 400Vac gear motor with the control and programming unit 1 piece.
motor operating voltage 400V AC three-phase
Power supply: AC 400V 50Hz three-phase
Engine power: 3000N
Maximum gate weight: 3000kg
Opening speed: 0.16 m / sec
Cycle time: very intense (min. 5 years life duration of 600 openings / day)
Operating temperature: -20 ~ + 60 ° C IP45
Manufacturer: DITEC
Automation Type: sliding gate
Gate length 20 m
Radio frequency: 433.92 MHz (868.35MHz with BIXPR2 optional)
Size: 530x275x588 mm

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