2 surveillance system DAHUA POE IP Camera 3MP resolution, IR 30m with 4-channel NVR, monitor and HDD included accessories


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System contains:
– 2 x 30m POE 3MP IP surveillance cameras Dahua IPC-HFW4300E IR (3.6mm)
– POE IP NVR Dahua 4 channel NVR2104HS-P-S2 (also 2 cameras can adaiga)
– refurbished Philips LED Monitor AOC or 18.5 “Wide Black VGA cable included
– 2 x 20 meters CAT5 UTP patchcord 24 AWG
– Hard Disk 500GB Seagate refurbished or Wd
What are the advantages of PoE?
Standar PoE is a feature that pretty much raise the cost of monitoring solutions. PoE IP cameras are more expensive than IP cameras without PoE and PoE switch or PoE NVR is more expensive than equivalent devices without PoE. The positive side is that a PoE solution offers many other advantages that can drastically reduce project costs. So what are the benefits of PoE?
– PoE allows the use of cable lengths of at least 100 meters to the rooms. Unlike standard solution supplied on 12V, PoE (which uses 48V) can install smoothly rooms at much greater distances. FTP cable quality and performance PoE switch our team managed the implementation of IP surveillance solutions to distances of 150 meters. This means that technical solutions are not possible by the classical supply 12V PoE version are possible by.
– The ability to use one cable for data and power for distances so big translates into a saving consistency made from cord and other accessories that would be required if we want to feed the cameras 12V long distances.
– Another advantage is the ease of installation. Because each room has a single cable connection is less physical work.
– Last but not least, systems PoE wiring systems are more airy, without unsightly cables over cables and congestion. Generally demanding customers choose its elegance of IP surveillance system with PoE.
IP camera surveillance system 2 Megapixel Dahua three power via PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Recommended for those who want an elegant system of the highest quality. Great images both day and night.
POE 3MP IP surveillance cameras Dahua IPC-HFW4300E 30m IR (3.6mm)
Camera IPC HFW4300E is a surveillance camera outdoor bullet IP from Dahua. This camera is equipped with a 3 MP sensor Progressive scan with 3 Megapixel video resolution (2048 x 1536 pixels). 3.6 mm fixed lens offers you a field of view of 72.5 ° surveillance and monitoring objectives. With Smart IR illuminator up to 30 meters you can record images and at night. Function BLC (Back Light Compensation) help view the details of dark objects and also can filter out very bright objects. The camera is equipped with protection degree IP66 for protection against external factors (dust, rain, etc.). Power supply is 12 V or PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Sensor: 3MP CMOS Progressive Scan
Resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels
frames / second 20 FPS
Fixed lens: 3.6 mm
Viewing Angle: 72.5 °
IR illuminator distance: 30 m
Sensitivity: 0.01 lux (0 lux with IR on)
Video Compression: H.264 / MJPEG
Special features: DWDR, ICR, HLC, 3DNR AWB, AGC, BLC, Privacy Mask
Smartphone Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows

Degree of protection IP66
Operating Temperature: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C,
Power: DC12V, PoE
Consumption: Max. 5.5 W
Material: metal
Size: 66 x 58.4 x 168.1 mm
Weight: 500 g

4 channel NVR Dahua NVR2104HS POE IP-P-S2
4 channel NVR supports cameras up to 6 megapixels with H.264 + / H.264

NVR Dahua NVR2104HS-P-S2 has four channels and supports IP cameras with maximum resolution of 6 megapixels.
The maximum resolution for playback and recording will be 6 megapixels. NVR is equipped with an audio input and output with RCA jack.
In terms of video compression, this is done using H.264 + and H.264 codecs, such as recorded images will occupy less space and transmission to the network will make it easier.
With this NVR, you can record images manually or schedule (continuous or motion detection). Motion detection recording is performed on 396 (22×18) areas, when no signal is detected and if a camera is obstructed.
The images obtained by the cameras can be viewing on monitors or TV screens as NVR Dahua has two useful video outputs: 1 HDMI and 1 VGA. This feature is especially useful when you want to monitor closely supervised space (eg in shops, crowded spaces, railway stations, airports, etc.).
Another important feature of this model is that NVR Dahua has 4 PoE ports, with which you can use a single cable for both power and for ensuring video signal transmission.
System supravghere ultra professional video to which we can add another 2 rooms if necessary cabling UTP / FTP is made and powering cameras (PoE); terminating network is the RJ-45 connectors.
POWER chamber through PoE
The system allows direct supply of NVR chambers by PoE (Power over Ethernet). No cables, no problems with power outages. Simple and elegant.
With some settings you will have access from anywhere, via the Internet, the video system using any smartphone, tablet, PC. You can watch live cameras or access stored records.

The system can be added two rooms. The system is fully to be made operated at, easy to install.

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