16 zone’6 iesiri’868MHz wireless receiver – Inovonics EE4216MR


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Receiver 16 wireless zones supervizate’6 relay outputs that enable connecting a wired power or stand-alone applications.

to 16 areas
tamper’detectie interferente’antena internal security
multiple configuration modes: push’comutator’zavorat
Support for single or multiple transmission
secure access on three levels
LCD display for status’log events (50) ‘program

Manufacturer: Inovonics
Type: Wireless Receiver
Voltage: 11-14 VDC
Relays: 6 x NO / NC @ 1 A @ 28 V DC 30 V AC 0.5A
Size: 165x89x25 mm
Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 60 ° C, 90% RH
Nr. areas: 16
Tamper: Yes
Nr. Output: relays C-6
Power consumption: 400mA
Frequency: 868MHz