16 Channel DVR Dahua XVR5116H 4K-4KL Pentabrid HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS, IP, HDMI 4K, IVS


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4K Dahua DVR 16 channels Pentabrid XVR5116H-4KL HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS, IP, HDMI 4K IVS
PENTABRID DVR 16 channels, high-resolution 4K

The new generation of DVRs pentabride from Dahua going almost any room on the market (HDCVI / AHD / CVBS / IP). It has 16 channels that can record up to a high resolution 4K or 8 megapixels (8MP @ 7fps). Moreover, in addition to the 16 channels, it supports eight IP cameras, so you can have a total of 24 cameras recording at the same time.

Use compression H264 + that he may save as much space on the hard disk. Supports up to 8 TB HDD (it is not included) has one input and one RCA audio output, 1 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB 2.0. It has a port for PTZ control, RS485.

The two video output ports (HDMI and VGA) can be used simultaneously to connect simultaneously to two video monitors. Thus, if the monitoring system is installed in a store, a bank, an airport or an office building, the images can be viewed simultaneously on two displays.
This DVR has OSD menu allows some useful settings such as: name list, setting the clock, signaling a lack of signal, signaling a locked room, setting the motion detection or record type. Moreover, it has IVS and intelligent search functions to provide supervision more effective than the traditional
Remote Viewing images
DVRs Dahua XVR5116H-4KL allows viewing live and recorded images, even if you are in DVR location. All you have to do is to install software on your computer or mobile application and internet connection. Then, whenever you want and wherever you are you can access these images and you can check what happens to your home or office.

4K DVR DAHUA XVR5116H-4KL – main features

XVR51xxH-4KL series supports 5 most important technologies in video surveillance equipment: HDCVI HDTV / TurboHD, AHD, CVBS and IP

support rooms resolution: 4K / 8MP (3840×2160) 5MP (2592×1944) 4MP / 1440p (2560×1440), 3MP (1920×1536), 2MP / 1080p (1920×1080) and 1MP / 720P (1280×720)

Registration: 4K @ 7fps, @ 12fps 5MP, 4MP / 3MP @ 15fps, 2MP / 1MP / 960H / D1 @ 25fps

16 BNC video inputs: analog camera supports HD (technology HDCVI HDTV AHD) or SD analog (CVBS, legacy)

automatic detection of the video signal coming from the video cameras (HDCVI / HDTV / AHD or CVBS) is not required any settings

supports additional eight IP cameras (we recommend Dahua brand) with full resolution 4K; by giving the maximum analog channels can install IP cameras 16 + 8

96Mbps bandwidth recording (for all cameras connected to the DVR)

1 audio input conventional (eg conventional microphone connection. Dahua PFM140 / 141)

can connect 16 cameras with integrated audio HDCVI Dahua (ex. Dahua HAC-HDW1100EM-A / 1200-A / 1400-A)

a small signal audio output

multiple video outputs – HDMI (4K), VGA (1080P)

internal SATA interface – 1xHDD maximum 8TB

USB interface: 1xUSB3.0 (rear panel) 1xUSB2.0 (front panel)

RJ45 network interface (1000M)

RS485 (PTZ control)

Spot output type – allows viewing on a dedicated monitor (secondary) chambers of importance by an operator

Smart Fan – on / off status of fan heaters lawsuit seeks its level, following the reduction of fan noise and also extend its life

Smart video compression H.264 + / H.264 (H.264 + coding can reduce up to 70% bitrate / storage capacity maintaining the same quality recordings)

intelligent search records, useful if you have a lot of information and a short analysis of records (basically separates the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest on the screen, a rectangle virtual and intelligent search will highlight results strictly related to that area)

Intelligent detection support functions – IVS (Intelligent Video System): lack of or abandoned objects detection, Tripwire (virtual barrier crossing detection), intrusion detection, face detection, etc.

mobile application Android / iOS (P2P / Cloud)

local interface in Romanian and English (depending on the version of firmware installed)

Accessories: power supply, mouse, CD (manual English desktop application monitoring CMS)

certifications: CE, FCC, UL

4K DVR DAHUA XVR5116H-4KL – recommendations surveillance cameras

XVR5116H recommend using model-4KL with cameras Ultra HD 4K resolution / 4MP 8MP and in locations where you want maximum quality (for analogue systems)

4K DVR DAHUA XVR5116H-4KL – compatible mobile applications

Android (Google): gDMSS – more information on Google Play Store

iOS (Apple): iDMSS – more information on Apple App Store / iTunes

Dahua Technology HDCVI – main features

proprietary technology DAHUA Technology – HDCVI = High Definitiion Composite Video Interface

supports megapixel resolution: 4K / 8M 4MP / 1440p, 2MP / 1080p 1MP / 720P

one cable, coax or UTP for transmitting video, audio and data (OSD control room)

The maximum distance between DVR and cameras up to 500m @ 1MP and 2MP 300m @

solution for switching to high resolution and reasonable costs

4K 16-channel DVR DAHUA XVR5116H-4KL – technical


Main Processor

integrated microprocessor

Operating System

Integrated LINUX

Resources System

PENTAPLEX operation (5 functions simultaneously) – live viewing, playback, recording, local recording on internal HDD, export videos to external USB devices, visualization and remote control (Internet)

Control DVR

local: mouse + TV / PC Monitor (GUI color in Romanian or English depending on the firmware version); Remote Internet (PC / laptop and web browser / CMS software, smartphone / tablet and mobile application iDMSS / gDMSS)

Video Output



Resolutions supported

HDMI 4K (3840×2160), 2560×1440, 1920×1080, 1280×1024, 1280×720 VGA: 1920×1080, 1280×1024, 1280×720, 1024×768

Channels simultaneously displayed on the screen

1ch, 4ch, 8ch, 9CH, 16ch, 25ch (25ch maximum if enabled and IP cameras)


room name, time, Video loss, camera lock, motion detection, recording


triggers events

recording one or more channels, activation tours (cameras type PTZ / speed-dome) enabled relay output (alarm), warning Push, sending emails, registration remote FTP server, saving image (snapshot) audio warning by siren built piezo (buzzer), messages on the screen (screen tips)

Video Detection

the motion detection (22×18 = 396 areas) video signal loss, tamper, diagnosis

alarm input (connect external sensors)

alarm output (relay outputs)

Playback and back up

simultaneous playback

1 channel, 4-channel, 9-channel or 16-channel

Search Register

by time / date, to trigger external sensor, motion detection, exact search (accurate to second) intelligent search

Playback Functions

running normal (1x), stop, pause, rewind, fast speed, low speed running, image image, selection room, backup selection, digital zoom

Save video (recorded locally on HDD)

USB devices, remote Internet


internal HDD

1xSATA, capacity 1x8TB

Operating mode

eSATA (external HDD)

auxiliary inputs

the front panel

simple without pushbuttons


1xUSB3.0 (rear panel), 1xUSB2.0 (front panel)

RS232 / RS422


1port (PTZ control / speed-dome)


Channel analog HD / SD

16 channels (supported cameras HDCVI technology, HDTV / TURBO HD AHD, CVBS), BNC connector

IP digital channels

to 16 analog channels can connect 8 IP cameras; if they give up analog cameras can connect up to 16 + 8 IP cameras (we recommend Dahua brand)

Audio Channels

1 input channel (conventional), one output (BNC); if using HDCVI Dahua rooms with integrated audio, can connect 16 of these rooms (each channel with video and audio recording)

Audio bidirectional

input / output microphone (RCA)



Smart H.264 +, H.264

Resolutions registration

4K / 8MP (3840×2160) 5MP (2592×1944) 4MP / 1440p (2560×1440), 3MP (1920×1536), 2MP / 1080p (1920×1080) and 1MP / 720P (1280×720)

Maximum speed coding

main video stream: 4K @ 7fps, @ 12fps 5MP, 4MP / 3MP @ 15fps, 2MP / 1MP / 960H / D1 @ 25fps
secondary video stream: D1 / CIF @ 25fps

Maximum Bitrate

6144kbps / channel

Recording Mode

manually after timetable, the video detection (motion detection, video loss, sabotage)

Size video

1-60min, 1-30sec pre-registration, post-registration 10-300sec



RJ-45 (1000M)


HTTP, IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / IP, UPNP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, IP Filter, PPPoE, DDNS, FTP, Alarm Server, P2P, IP search (for IP cameras Dahua )


128 users

possible remote operations

monitoring, video recording, DVR settings, download videos, information logs (via Internet or smartphone / tablet: iPhone, iPad, Android)



5A / 12V (external source compact included)


15W (without HDD)


2Kg (without HDD)


1U mini housing 325x255x55mm (length x depth x height), the fan casing

use environment (temperature, relative humidity, pressure)

-10 + 55grdC, 10-90% RH, 86-106kpa

16 Channel DVR DAHUA XVR5116H-4KL – package delivery


accessories (mouse, cables and screws to install SATA HDDs)

compact external source 5A / 12V

CD (English User Manual, desktop application)

Quick Installation Manual (en)

Note: HDD can be purchased separately.
DAHUA XVR5116H-4KL – compatibility surveillance cameras
HDCVI indoor surveillance cameras (resolution 4K / 8MP 4MP , 2MP 1MP)
HDCVI outdoor surveillance cameras (resolution 4K / 8MP, 4MP, 2MP 1MP)

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